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Trisome Games

trisomeTrisomy Games

Sports Union for Down Syndrome (SU-DS) was formed to create opportunities for athletes with Down syndrome to compete in international sporting events, offering them a fair and equal opportunity to be successful.  In the past, athletes with Down syndrome had to compete against all athletes with Intellectual disabilities until it was recognized that they were being out classed in all large sporting events.

This umbrella organization, SU-DS, provides opportunities exclusively to athletes with Down syndrome and this view has been favorably recognized worldwide. There are now over 700 registered athletes from all six continents and the sports offered are: Swimming, Athletics, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Judo and Futsal.

Having completed 7 world championships, swimming is the most established code whereas athletics has completed 2, futsal 1, gymnastics 1, judo 1 and table tennis 1. Countries where championships have taken place include United Kingdom, Portugal, Ireland, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, Azores, Italy and finally, South Africa.

The first combined games, the Trisomy Games, will take place in Florence, Italy in July 2016. However, the exact dates are still to be finalized and for the first time, the swimming will be run as a long course event.

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